Signature Bespoke Facials

Rachels extensive knowledge and experience enables her to offer these truly unique facials tailored to the specific needs of each individuals skin and any skin concerns you may have. 


Rachels Signature Bespoke Facials combine various treatments, state-of-the-art technologies, potent cosmeceutical products and signature massage techniques to rejuvenate the skin whilst improving it on a cellular level. Signature facials can include a combination of the following treatments:

Rachels Advanced Signature Bespoke Facials combine various treatments as above plus Endymed 3DEEP multi-source, phase-controlled Radio Frequency for non-invasive facial skin tightening.

Endymed Radio Frequency

Endymed is a non-invasive facial skin tightening treatment using safe and clinically proven radio frequency technology to lift and firm skin, shape the neck and facial areas and smooth wrinkles through stimulating new collagen.  The EndyMed 3 deep technology which is FDA approved and patented technology will give you firmer, tighter and lifted facial skin and a more defined jawline.

How does it work?

Radio Frequency gently heats your dermal layer to an optimum level which results in new collagen. The new collagen improves the underlying structure of your skin – resulting in a tightening and lifting effect.


Endymed 3DEEP is a pain-free treatment that tightens and lifts lax skin on the cheek, jowl and neck areas, results are seen immediately but a course of treatments is recommend for long-lasting, clinical results.

What makes Endymed unique?

3DEEP Skin Science is the only multi-source phase-controlled RF technology meaning it is superior to other Radio Frequency devices on the market. 3DEEP technology pushes heat deep into the dermis and hypodermis and minimises the energy and heat in the skin surface. The result is a comfortable deep, volumetric heating which delivers high level and predictable clinical results with excellent levels of comfort, while increased oxygen assists in cell regeneration. Endymed uses ‘3DEEP’ a technology which uses focused radiofrequency in different ways, treating three layers of the skin with utmost precision. 


Does it hurt?

No– it's a treatment so relaxing you’ll feel as though you’re receiving a soothing hot stone massage. The skin will look slightly red afterwards but there is no downtime.